2020 impact report

Warby parker

october 2020-january 2021

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Each year Warby Parker publishes an impact report showcasing their mission to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style. Their impact report serves as a summary of business and highlights how they served their stakeholders throughout the year. It also helps them stay to their core values by providing measurable data to explain their growth in business and how they've stayed consistent in their philosophy. 

Their 2020 Impact Report was unique in sharing how their business adapted through the COVID-19 pandemic, how they communicated with customers on orders, what they did when supply chains shut down and how they closed their doors for the safety of their customers and employees. This impact report also shared an increase of diversity and understanding of their lack of diversity in their business through the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

page 126

"As part of our Racial Equity Strategy, we have committed to adding Black representation to our Board of Directors."

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The Ask

In October 2019 I was tasked with putting together Warby Parker's 2020 impact report with the use of their branding kit, copy, and inspiration from previous years' documents.

Consistent communication, collaboration with their strategy team, and sticking to deadlines allowed for the success of this report. This is my favorite design project to date- I loved being trusted with such a huge project, and working with the Warby Parker team was amazing.

After spending so much time and money investing into your business's development and goals you deserve reports just as beautiful. 


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