shears fundamentals


September-october 2021


In a history dating back over 100 years, the KAI group, based in Tokyo, is renowned for its superbly functional, incisive, and durable cutting tools and related products. Kasho, owned by KAI, creates haircutting products that are meant to last a lifetime with original design and craftsmanship passed through generations of the Japanese Samurai sword smithies.

This guidebook served as a how-to-use guide with direction on proper haircutting technique, featured angles, and how their different products can be used seamlessly together. 

page 2

"The more understanding we have about our tools, the more creative freedom we can have on haircutting."


The Ask

It's such an honor when a company or business trusts me to represent them in a creative way. I was asked by the team at KAI to put together a fundamentals manual for their students using existing documents, pictures, and copy.

I illustrated custom designs inspired by Japanese modernism, photographed paper that was digitally edited, and included a touch of history that made Kasho Shears what it is today throughout the manual. One of my favorite illustrations were the Japanese numerals that sectioned the document and were included above every page number. 


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