Chef curry

july 2020-march 2021



I was hired to work with the Currys to help them create a strong brand image online and to design their new menu. I worked with them from the beginning, before their shop was even built out. This allowed for a seamless rollout of a clean and well-designed website with an online meal prep ordering feature.

This allowed for the Currys to be more organized with their customers and provided their customers with a better user experience. I also grew their social media following that allowed us to do meal prep holiday dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With a completely organic social media presence with no online ads or boosted posts, followers were deeply tuned in to see what new meals would be featured in the deli and online. 


Oklahoma natural gas

While growing Chef Curry's following, my content grabbed the attention of Oklahoma Natural Gas and we did a partnership with them on social media. I filmed, edited, and directed the video that was featured on their social media platforms and helped to promote Chef Curry through the content that I created.



let's work together.